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Instantdreams Exhibit for the Instantdreams Documentary by Willem Baptist

Instantdreams Gallery, Berlin

We cordially invite you to be part of a unique Instantdreams experience. Stefanie Schneider is showing new and rarely seen works and unveiling the Instantdreams App, as well as her new Virtual 3-D Gallery project.

“There is a ghostly uncertainty about many of the human experiences found in Stefanie Schneider’s subject matter. Some so empty and fragmented, a mirror of what has become of contemporary America. The recording of a phenomenon. A documentary of decay. Capturing the American dream as it slips away.” 
– Banksy

“I never remember the details of a Stefanie Schneider image, just the whole. She treads a third path between reality and dream that connects the two and truly sparks my artistic, visual freedom.”  – Marc Forster

Private Viewing & Studio Visits August 31st, 4-8pm
Preview September 1st, 12-6pm, “Doc” Dr. Florian Kaps 2pm
Open to the public ONLY on Friday, September 2nd, 6pm-9pm

max  wtb 1  Heather Megan Christie in The Girl behind the White Picket Fence

analog C-Prints mounted on Aluminum with matte UV-protection.

1 Desert Junk Yard, 3/5. 128x125cm, 1999, mounted, €5500,
   40% share for TPWF
>> click to buy*
White Trash Beautiful 128x125cm, Ed. of 5 (Sold Out) AP2/2, 1999
   mounted, €13000
, 40% share for TPWF >> click to buy*
3 Her last Call, 3/5, 78x80cm, 2013,
not mounted, €4500, 30% share for TPWF 
   >> click to buy*

*The whole exhibition will be available on ebay - Auctions will start before the opening between the 25th and 28th of september!

We are proud to announce “The Perfect World Foundation” as a charity and gallery partner for our event. TPWF is a Scandinavian based independent, non-profit organization established in 2010 to raise awareness, funding, and to take action together with animal and nature conservation projects around the world ( Stefanie was first involved with the PWF in 2014 at their gala art auction in Sweden with two donated artworks. This year she has donated more art for this meaningful charity auction. 

The complete exhibition will be auctioned on ebay with the earliest ending date September 1: Please visit

“Stefanie’s lifelong relationship with instant film is inspiring, her work impressive and fully embodies my vision of this medium and the way I want to portray it in my film... Me choosing the title Instant Dreams is no accident. That’s why I decided that Stefanie will be the artist to be featured in the film and I think that it should be done in a way that not only puts a spotlight onto her work, but adds to the mystique. That, what is in some form illusive, mysterious and magical only makes us crave for more. So in filming how Stefanie creates her work, I will try to capture the elements of her work in the visuals of my film; the day-dream-like quality, power of femininity, subtle eroticism and whole eccentric vibe of the time-less surroundings. Stefanie is a great artist; and I want to portray that greatness in a poetic larger than life fashion.”

max  wtb 1  Heather Megan Christie in The Girl behind the White Picket Fence
max  wtb 1  Heather Megan Christie in The Girl behind the White Picket Fence

max  wtb 1  Heather Megan Christie in The Girl behind the White Picket Fence 

All of the above "Proofs before Printing" start at 1€ on ebay. Please click images for ebay links. Download Price list for the complete show >> here

September 1st, 2pm sharp “Doc” Dr. Florian Kaps, co-founder of “The Impossible Project”, will speak about Stefanie’s voyage through Polaroid.“It was Stefanie Schneider, who inspired me to start the company THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT after seeing her work, which seems to achieve the possible from the impossible, creating the finest of art out of the most basic of mediums and materials. Indeed, after that one day, I was so impressed with her photography that I realized Polaroid film could not be allowed to disappear. Being at the precise moment in time where the world was about to lose Polaroid, I seized the moment and have put all my efforts and passion into saving Polaroid film. For that, I thank Stefanie Schneider almost exclusively, who played a bigger role than anyone in saving this American symbol of photography.”   –Florian Kaps

Stefanie Schneider’s Instantdreams APP - The most analog digital photo APP experience ever!
Mark Engel, the programmer Stefanie partnered with to develop this project, will demonstrate it’s abilities in replicating Stefanie’s artistic style. With this App you’ll be able to take photos just like her expired Polaroid shots.

The Instantdreams Virtual 3-D Gallery – ARTist unlimited
- Another project to be presented is the Instantdreams Virtual 3-D Gallery. In this presentation the Virtual 3-D gallery shows a replica of the show hanging but in the future we’ll show artistic visions which would never be seen due to financial restrictions. This project is being developed with architects from the Syrian Arkium Design Studio in Berlin.

Instantdreams Gallery, Neumagener Strasse 25, 13088 Berlin Weissensee Contact Phone (030) 46794844