>> August 31 -  September 3  |   2016

Instantdreams Exhibit for the Instantdreams Documentary by Willem Baptist

Instantdreams Gallery, Berlin


We cordially invite you to be part of a unique Instantdreams experience.
Stefanie Schneider is showing new and rarely seen works and unveiling the Stefanie Schneider Instantdreams App, as well as her new Virtual 3-D Gallery project.

On the edge of Berlin, in the outer suburb of Weissensee, the artist Stefanie Schneider works in her dream lab factory, producing analog artworks based on the expired Polaroid material she’s been using for over 20 years. Dedicating an entire artistic career on a vanishing medium may seem like a risky dream but the revival of analog is growing.

At this moment, the feature documentary „Instant Dreams“ is being filmed by Dutch film maker Willem Baptist about the magic of the Polaroid medium. Stefanie’s work plays the artistic role in this film and last June
Willem and his team came to California to film Stefanie working on her newest project. In this context, Willem will film Stefanie’s post production in her Berlin studio and next door in the large industrial hall Stefanie’s Instantdreams exhibition for the purpose of achieving immortality in his documentary.

Gallery Information

Instantdreams Gallery, Neumagener Strasse 25, 13088 Berlin Weissensee Contact Phone (030) 46794844  |  RSVP at lance.waterman@instantdreams.net  | 
The gallery will be open August 31, 4-6pm, Sept. 1, 12-6pm, Sept. 2, 6-9pm, September 3 for private appointments only.  |  more information and life auction links: www.instantdreams.net/ARTist


>> July 16 -  August 8  |   2015

Desert Voices

De Re Gallery, Los Angeles

Seeking to explore the depths of the “Gateway to Death Valley,” Los Angeles based photographer Pamela Littky traveled to Baker, California and Beatty, Nevada, over the course of three years to capture the beauty of living creatures that found ways to adapt to the oppressive heat.

In alignment with Littky’s artistic vision, Stefanie Schneider’s scintillating situations take place in the American West as well. Situated on the verge of an elusive super-reality, her photographic sequences provide the ambience for loosely woven story lines and a cast of phantasmic characters.

Pamela Littky and Stefanie Schneider showcase a brilliant aesthetic of the incomparable nature of the desert.

Gallery Information
De Re Gallery, 8920 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 Contact Phone (310) 205 7959  |  E-mail info@deregallery.com  | 
The gallery will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday for private appointments only.  |  www.deregallery.com


>> June 5 - June 17   |   2015

The Ballery in Heat
Group Exhibition, The Ballery, Berlin

On Friday June 5th The Ballery invites to a group show featuring some of Berlin's hottest artists.

With this exhibition The Ballery aims to present a community of artists who are making noise in the art market and whose visions and ideas are catching everyones attention.

>>  more  info


>> October    |   2014

Lumas Magalog Cover
"Radha Pink" 180x180cm available at Lumas

radha cover


>> July - September   |   2014 

10 Years Lumas - 34 Locations Worldwide
Stefanie Schneider The Return
Stranger Than Paradise

Openings in Wiesbaden, Amsterdam, Brussels, Mannheim, Bielefeld, Dortmund, Hannover

the return

Stefanie Schneider: Stranger than Paradise LUMAS Bielefeld, Dortmund, Hannover und Mannheim zeigen bis Ende Oktober 2014 Werke der Ku?nstlerin Stefanie Schneider. Die deutsche Fotografin arbeitet mit bereits abgelaufenen Polaroid Filmen, mit denen sie erzählerische Bildgeschichten in faszinierender Ästhetik erschafft.1996 erstand Schneider in Los Angeles am Sunset Boulevard drei Kisten mit je 60 alten Polaroid-Streifen. Seither bestimmt die surreal anmutende Farbigkeit der abgelaufenen Polaroid-Filme ihr Werk. Die Ausstellung Stranger than Paradise zeigt einzigartige Arbeiten, die den Zufall zum Programm erheben und zwischen Fiktion und Wirklichkeit changieren.

heather on phone

Stefanie Schneider wird zur Vernissage mit Artist Talk anwesend sein.

LUMAS Bielefeld
Vernissage: 24.09. 2014, 19 - 21 Uhr
Ausstellung: 25.09. - 26.10.2014

LUMAS Dortmund
Vernissage: 25.09. 2014, 19 - 21 Uhr
Ausstellung: 26.09. - 26.10. 2014

LUMAS Hannover
Vernissage: 26.09. 2014, 19 - 21 Uhr
Ausstellung: 27.09. - 26.10. 2014

Laufende Ausstellungen:
LUMAS Mannheim: 07.09 - 5.10.2014, Wiesbaden: 27.09 - 26.10.2014, Amsterdam: 05.09. - 19.10.2014, LUMAS Brussels: 27.09. - 26.10.2014


>> September 18    |   2014 

The Conservation Art Auction
"Save The Rhino 2014"

The Perfect World Foundation
Clarion Hotel Post, Gothenburg, Sweden
the auction is curated by
Joachim Hjerpe, Fotografiska, Stockholm

Stefanie Schneider’s donations // Online bidding has been opened:

austen in front of trailer  LWH

Austen in front of Trailer                                   
Long Way Home
128x125cm, 2005, Edition of 5                         180x180cm, 1999 / 2014
analog C-Print                                                   Lumas Edition of 100, digital C-Print
hand-printed by the Artist                                  Donated by Lumas & Stefanie Schneider

The Perfect World Foundation
is a Swedish based non-profit independent organization established in 2010 to raise awareness, funding, and to take action together with animal and nature conservation projects around the world.

During 2014 The Perfect World Foundation will specifically target the Wildlife trade under the name “Save The Rhino 2014", The Rhino is the ambassador for Elephants, Lions, Tigers etc. with extra focus on the ongoing poaching, raising awareness and funds. The whole world is fighting to save the last remaining Rhinos and Elephants. If poaching continues at current levels there will be no wild Rhinos or Elephants left in 5-7 years’ time.

In 2007, in South Africa, 13 Rhinos were killed because of their horns. In 2013 this figure had climbed to 1004 (in South Africa only). The 16th of January this year we got the following very clear message: “Hell has arrived in Kruger”. The park had been attacked simultaneously from five different directions and the anti-poaching guards did not stand a chance to stop the illegal massacre. At the end of the week, the stock, that was already under severe pressure, had been reduced by 63 Rhinos. This forms part of the background as to why The Perfect World Foundation has decided to dedicate 2014 to increase the level of awareness and to raise funds to stop the illegal poaching and Wildlife Trade. The Rhino has been chosen as the ambassador for all endangered animals, such as: elephants, lions, tigers, etc. This is being done through the project “Save the Rhino 2014”. We will never leave the Rhino behind! We will continue to raise awareness and funding for as long as it is necessary trough The Perfect World Foundation!

The Perfect World Foundation will raise money for rhino and elephant conservation through this ART AUCTION that online:


Final bidding will take place during the Conservation Ball in September 2014. Artists like Ernst Billgren, Jacob Felländer, Nick Brandt, and Stefanie Schneider have donated works and we are very grateful to these fantastic people.

The 18th of September 2014 at The Hotel Post, Gothenburg, Sweden, there will be a special fundraising dinner, “The Conservation Gala Dinner”, ending the special year dedicated to the rhino and his friends. The Gala Dinner will also be the starting point for the year of the shark, “Save The Shark 2015″.

On stage: Martin Stenmarck, Marie Picasso, Mia Skäringer, Stefan Andersson, Triple & Touch and more! On the red carpet we are looking forward to find Royalities, Politicians, Ambassadors and our own Rhino Ambassadors. The gala dinner will become a memorable moment, as “the gala dinner of the decade”, and will be the place to learn more about the rhino, meet other conscious people, celebrities and take part of the final of the art auction, in favour of the rhino and the elephants.



>> April 16 - May 24   |   2014 

The Motion Photography Award
Group Show of the 6 Finalists

Saatchi Gallery London
Press Preview April 16, Launch Party 6.30-9pm

Curated by Saatchi Art, Saatchi Gallery, Google+, artists Tracy Emin, Shezad Dawood and Cindy Sherman, as well as the filmmaker Baz Lurhman

With the ubiquity of smartphones and rise in photo-sharing services, the world has recently exploded with photographers from all backgrounds who are embracing new technology to tell their stories in innovative ways, not least of all via motion photography.

In recognition of the exciting potential of this new technology, Saatchi Art, the Saatchi Gallery and Google+ will award the inaugural Motion Photography Prize, inviting photographers all over the world to celebrate this new creative art form.

Six finalists (one per category) have been be chosen:

Stefanie Schneider (Landscape), Kostas Agiannitis, (Lifestyle), Micaël Reynaud (Action), Matthew Clarke (Night), Emma Critchley (People), Christina Rinaldi  (Urban)


Stefanie Schneider : Trainride

Like flickering sequences of old road movies Schneider’s images seem to evaporate before conclusions can be made – their ephemeral reality manifesting in subtle gestures and mysterious motives. Schneider’s images refuse to succumb to reality, they keep alive the confusions of dream, desire, fact, and fiction.

Schneider’s Motion Photograph is a part of a larger project, “Strange Love 2004”. The artist says about the piece: “Love, lost and unrequited leaves its mark in our lives as a senseless pain that has no place in the present. The ex lover experiences the residues of love as an amputee experiences the sensation of a ghost limb. It is the tangible experience of “absence” that has inspired this piece. Due to the steady change of perspectives – realities, illusions, dreams on different time lines, the question of  truth is impossible to answer. Reality is profoundly subjective and the search for personal happiness is a steady (manic) interpretation of one’s own truth.”

Gallery Information
{ Saatchi Gallery / Duke of York’s HQ
, Duke of York’s HQ, London, SW3 4RY Contact Phone ++44 (0)20 7811 3076  |  E-mail rebecca.wilson@saatchiart.com  |


>> May  15 - June 15   |   2014

Group Exhibition De Re Gallery Debut

De Re Gallery, Los Angeles
Private Preview May 15, Vernissage May 16

An Artistic Mélange Between Europe, New York and L.A. Contemporary,
De Re Gallery Spotlights Masters of Present and Past

Seeking to offer a vibrant new destination in the local community where contemporary art from Europe, New York and Los Angeles intertwine, and modern prodigies mingle with established masters, De Re Gallery will hold a VIP grand opening party on Thursday, May 15, followed by its public opening on Friday.

marzotto    woman in malibu    tom chambers
 Margherita Marzotto                          Stefanie Schneider           Tom Chambers

De Re Gallery is the brainchild of two visionaries. Marine Tanguy, a Cambridge art history graduate, most recently served as co-­director of Lazarides and director of The Outsiders Gallery in London. It was here where she first met Steph Sebbag, art enthusiast / collector and founder, president and chief creative officer of bpg, an award-­winning L.A. advertising agency serving the entertainment industry. Subsequently together at Art Basel Miami, a mutual idea was born for a new gallery in L.A., one that took its name and inspiration from Tanguy’s childhood home on the French island of Ile de Ré.

Scouring the world for art treasures, Tanguy and Sebbag will launch De Re Gallery with a focus on a dozen-­plus of the most promising contemporary artists, which include New York star Mike Sagato, whose meticulous oil paintings depict humanity in playful dramas, Florence-­trained, Louvre-­commissioned sculptor Victor Gingembre, who uses Michelangelo marble from Carrara, Billy Childish painting protégée Gretchen Andrew, Florence de Ponthaud, who personally trained in Matisse’s and Rodin’s studios, renowned German-­born photographer Stefanie Schneider, and Sophie Dickens, an award-­winning English sculptor and great-­great-­granddaughter of author Charles Dickens, among others. The works of these 21st century prodigies are displayed alongside those by Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Fernando Botero, Banksy and others. As director Marine Tanguy explains, the mission of the gallery is to embrace “a sense of artistic continuity,” creating a living dialogue between these masters of the present and the past.

“We have the grand privilege to witness the creation of the art world of tomorrow in Los Angeles,” offered Marianne Le Morvan, director of the Berthe Weill archive, art history academic and Modigliani expert. “Marine Tanguy, whom artistic intuition already gave her the opportunity to direct an influential gallery in the European contemporary art market, brings her whole personality to this new gallery, partnering with the creative eye of art enthusiast and collector Steph Sebbag, who could be the next Charles Saatchi.”

Gallery Information
De Re Gallery, 8920 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 Contact Phone (310) 205 7959  |  E-mail info@deregallery.com  | 
The gallery will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday for private appointments only.  |  www.deregallery.com


>> June   |   2013

The Girl behind the White Picket Fence

Galerie Catherine et André Hug, Paris

heather and zeuss

Untitled, 2013, Edition of 5, analog C-Print, 40x50cm

Stefanie Schneider travaille à partir de films Polaroid périmés et prend l’essentiel de ses images dans le désert californien, à Twentynine Palms. Les clichés sont ensuite photographiés à la chambre dans son studio berlinois, afin d’être agrandis. La galerie Catherine et André Hug présente une sélection de photographies de la série “The Girl behind the white Picket Fence”, ainsi que le film éponyme de 60 minutes réalisé à partir de 4000 clichés Polaroid. 

Stefanie Schneider aime jouer avec les hasards qu’offrent les pellicules Polaroid périmées, dont les réactions chimiques sont imprévisibles. Les aberrations chromatiques et les halos fantomatiques qui résultent de leur instabilité se superposent de façon aléatoire aux mises en scène que l’artiste compose avec soin. Ils don-nent à ses clichés la texture incertaine des rêves et des souvenirs qui s’effacent. Stefanie Schneider s’est ainsi peu à peu forgé un univers qui évoque tout autant les road-movies que les séries B, Jack Kerouac que David Lynch, avec son mobil-home rutilant posé dans l’immensité désertique, ses chemins qui ne mènent nulle part, ses personnages échoués, tiraillés entre amour et désillusion, érotisme et solitude, désirs et vacuité. 

“The Girl behind the white Picket Fence” met en scène une jeune femme meurtrie par un fiasco sentimental, qui prend conscience de son attirance pour l’éboueur qu’elle aperçoit par la fenêtre de son mobil home. Il lui faudra, pour l’accepter, surmonter ses démons intérieurs, grâce à l’aide d’un animateur radio et d’un étrange chaman.

Chacune des photographies exposées fait partie intégrante du film et est traversée par son histoire.

Informations pratiques: Vernissage 12 juin 2013 de 17h à 20h, Exposition du 13 juin au 20 juillet 2013 { Galerie Catherine et André Hug,  2, rue de l’échaudé / 40, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris } Horaires mardi au samedi de 11h00 à 13h00 14h30 à 19h00 | Contact: Catherine Hug -Telephone et sur rendez vous! | E-mail c.hug@orange.fr | Site www.galeriehug.com 

>> more information: download pdf 



>> May  |   2013

Heather's Dream

has been selected for the

German Competition in the
International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen in May 2013

Screening at the Lichtburg, Sunday, May 5th, 12.30pm
The screening will be followed by a discussion with Tanja Trittmann (Writer) and Caroline Haertel (Producer)

heathers dream

"Heather's Dream" has been accepted in the competition at the Short Film Festival Oberhausen in May 2013!

Heather (Heather Megan Christie) lies on her bed and narrates off screen: "One morning I didn´t wake up. I had a fever". And then finds herself in a dazzling desert landscape. Here a magic doctor (Udo Kier) pursues his work in his office. Something is going on. Everything seems to be prepared. The atmosphere in his office, open to all directions is hypnotic. The patient is waiting for her mysterious treatment. Dried up plants are sitting on the table. A flip book, a suitcase, a broken heart.... Enchanted examinations begin. The bizarre, charismatic doctor continues his evaluation assisted by a fairy-like nurse (Camille Waldorf). The process follows a secret logic and Heather understands that there is hope to be healed. Heather's Dream has not been filmed in a classical way but Udo Kier's and Heather Megan Christie's acting has been photographed action by action, step by step with thousands of Polaroids and edited into sequence, combined with Super-8 footage. The bright light of California, the forsaken abandoned landscapes around 29 Palms and the faded colors of the Polaroid film contribute to the poetic and surreal atmosphere of he film.

cast: Udo Kier, Heather Megan Christie, Camille Waldorf, music: Adam Weiss, script: Tanja Trittmann, directed, photographed and edited by Stefanie Schneider, production micafilm, Berlin, co-produced by Arte, supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg


oberhausen logo


>> January   |   2012


Stefanie Schneider's independent film / art project is looking for a programmer. Skills needed:

- Python (Turbogears, Pylons)
- Javascript (Mochikit, Mootools)
- Linuxserver (Debian)

Please send vita to lance.waterman@instantdreams.net


>> March 31, 22.00h   |   2012

“Ich-Udo” – Der Schauspieler Udo Kier on ARTE TV
A documentary by Jeremy Fekete

P R E M I E R E / Broadcast “ICH-UDO” starring Udo Kier, Sender ARTE, am 31.03.2012,22:00 Uhr, Wdhlg Sender ARTE am 03.04.2012, 14:15 Uhr,Wdhlg Sender ARTE am 12.04.2012, 04:00 Uhr, Autor und Regisseur Jeremy Fekete

udo kier - mein leben

filmstill: Udo Kier documentary shoot at Stefanie Schneider's set "The Girl behind the White Picket Fence".

>> view online:



7655 Girard Ave Suite 101   La Jolla, CA 92037    phone 858.255.8574   info@scottwhiteart.com   www.scottwhiteart.com


>> Drawing January 13, 2012, 7 pm    |   2012

Kunst zu verlosen !  // 
Art to raffle off !  


Kunst zu verlosen! KW Freunde initiieren Kunstlotterie zur Förderung der KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Zur Unterstützung der Arbeit der KW Institute for Contemporary Art haben die KW Freunde dem Haus nahe stehende Künstler, Galeristen und Sammler gewinnen können, 60 Werke für eine außergewöhnliche Kunstlotterie zur Verfügung zu stellen. Die Lose zu je 100 Euro können an der Kasse der KW sowie über die Website der KW Freunde www.kw-freunde.de erworben werden. 
Am 13. Januar findet die offizielle Verlosung in den Räumen der KW statt.  
Ab dem 3. Dezember sind die Arbeiten von Fritz Balthaus, Heike Baranowsky, Oliver van den Berg, Monika Brandmeier, Monica Bonvicini, Clara Brörmann, Marcel Bühler, Angela Bulloch, Patty Chang, Martin Creed, Mariechen Danz, Kate Davis, Michele Di Menna, Wim Delvoye, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Martin Eder, Tim Eitel, Olafur Eliasson, Thomas Eller, Sabine Fassl, Douglas Gordon, Philip Grözinger, Uwe Henneken, Leiko Ikemura, Allan Kaprow, Kartenrecht, Markus Keibel, Annette Kelm, Clemens Krauss, Via Lewandowsky, Walter Libuda, Helen Mirra, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Adrian Lohmüller, Michael Müller, Carsten Nicolai, Florian Neufeldt, Klaus Pichler, Friederike von Rauch, Thomas Rentmeister, Cornelia Renz, Anselm Reyle, Pipilotti Rist, Jakob Roepke, Albrecht Schäfer, Stefanie Schneider, Iris Schomaker, Albrecht Schnider, Markus Sendlinger, Katharina Sieverding, Dirk Skreber, Andrea Stappert, Natascha Stellmach, Stefan Strumbel, Jeffrey Teuton, Anton Unai, Brigitte Waldach, Patricia Waller, Judi Werthein, XOOOOX, Krzysztof Zielinski jeweils samstags und sonntags in den KW zu sehen. 
Die KW Freunde wurden 1996 zur Unterstützung des kulturellen Programms der KW Institute for Contemporary Art gegründet. Jährlich fördern sie eine Ausstellung sowie eine Reihe weiterer Initiativen der Kunsteinrichtung. Mitglieder des Freundeskreis erhalten freien Eintritt in die KW, zur Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst sowie in internationalen Partnerinstitutionen wie die Kunsthalle Wien, das Palais de Tokyo in Paris sowie das MoMA PS1 in New York. Außerdem umfasst die Mitgliedschaft exklusive Vorbesichtigungen der KW-Ausstellungen mit KuratorInnen und KünstlerInnen, Einladungen zu speziell organisierten Atelierbesuchen und Kunstreisen sowie zu Eröffnungen, Künstlergesprächen und anderen Veranstaltungen der KW.

Art to raffle off! KW Freunde initiates art lottery in support of KW Institute for Contemporary Art

To support the work of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, KW Freunde (Friends of KW) has been able to convince artists, gallery owners and collectors close to the institution to provide 60 works for an extraordinary art lottery. The lots cost 100 € each and can be acquired at the KW ticket office and at the KW Freunde website: www.kw-freunde.de

The official drawing will take place at KW on January 13, 2012. 

From the December 3, works by Fritz Balthaus, Heike Baranowsky, Oliver van den Berg, Monika Brandmeier, Monica Bonvicini, Clara Brörmann, Marcel Bühler, Angela Bulloch, Patty Chang, Martin Creed, Mariechen Danz, Kate Davis, Michele Di Menna, Wim Delvoye, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Martin Eder, Tim Eitel, Olafur Eliasson, Thomas Eller, Sabine Fassl, Douglas Gordon, Philip Grözinger, Uwe Henneken, Leiko Ikemura, Allan Kaprow, Kartenrecht, Markus Keibel, Annette Kelm, Clemens Krauss, Via Lewandowsky, Walter Libuda, Helen Mirra, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Adrian Lohmüller, Michael Müller, Carsten Nicolai, Florian Neufeldt, Klaus Pichler, Friederike von Rauch, Thomas Rentmeister, Cornelia Renz, Anselm Reyle, Pipilotti Rist, Jakob Roepke, Albrecht Schäfer, Stefanie Schneider, Iris Schomaker, Albrecht Schnider, Markus Sendlinger, Katharina Sieverding, Dirk Skreber, Andrea Stappert, Natascha Stellmach, Stefan Strumbel, Jeffrey Teuton, Anton Unai, Brigitte Waldach, Patricia Waller, Judi Werthein, XOOOOX, Krzysztof Zielinski can be viewed on Saturdays and Sundays at KW.

KW Freunde was founded in 1996 to support the cultural program of KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Every year they support an exhibition as well as a series of other initiatives by the institute. KW Freunde members receive free admission to KW, the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, and international partner institutions including the Kunsthalle in Vienna, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and the MoMA PS1 in New York. Membership also includes exclusive previews of KW exhibitions with the curators and artists, invitations to special organized studio tours and art trips, as well as to openings, artist talks and other KW events.


KW Institute for Contemporary Art + KW Freunde
Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin

Viewing of the works included in the lottery: 
December 3 – 18, 2011, every Sat + Sun, 12 – 7 pm
January 7 – 8, 2012, 12 – 7 pm

Drawing:  January 13, 2012, 7 pm 

KW Freunde
Sabine Bärenklau, Tel. 030. 24345948, sb@kw-feunde.de

Press contact: 
BUREAU N cultural communications
Silke Neumann, Tel. 030. 30874085, silke.neumann@bureau-n.de


>> December 01, 21.00h   |   2011

A documentary by Gerd Scobel


Trotz Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrisen boomt der Kunstmarkt. Zwar sind Ölfarben und Installationen keine harte Währung, aber sie geben dem Käufer ein Lebensgefühl und ein Image, das durch andere Medien nicht zu bekommen ist. Aber welche Kunst ist erfolgreich und was bedeutet überhaupt Erfolg? Gert Scobel spricht mit Künstlern, Kuratoren und Kunstexperten darüber, was Erfolg ausmacht.

Wie funktioniert dieser Kunst-Markt? Laut Zahlen und Schätzungen liegt der Anteil der Künstler, die nicht von ihrer Kunst leben können bei 95 Prozent. Dabei stellt sich die Frage, ob die Werke eines finanziell erfolglosen Künstlers weniger bedeutsam sind als die Objekte, die in den großen Museen ausgestellt werden.
Videos: Künstler und Kunstvermittler im Gespräch Gert Scobel hat Künstler und Kunstvermittler besucht und mit ihnen über die Bedeutung und Entwicklung von Kunstwerken gesprochen - mit dem Maler Jonas Burgert, der Fotografin Stefanie Schneider, dem Museumsdirektor Kasper König und dem Galeristen Hans Mayer. Die Sendung stellt die Frage nach dem, was Erfolg in der Kunst ist - und bietet einige überraschende Antworten.

>>  http://www.3sat.de/mediathek/?mode=play&obj=28295


>> July 6  -  September 2  |   2011

Press Launch and Private View, Tuesday, July 5, 5pm

radha mind screen
Stefanie Schneider, Radha Mind Screen, 1999, Analog C-Print,128 x 125 cm

ROLLO Contemporary Art is delighted to announce details of the forthcoming solo exhibition of works by German photographer, Stefanie Schneider at ROLLO Contemporary Art from 6th July – 2nd September 2011.

Taking the American West as her inspiration, Schneider’s alluring female characters are placed within the vast, sun drenched landscapes of California. Often in wigs and colourful dress Schneider’s images evoke ideas of masquerade and play, however the intense gazes of Schneider’s female characters undermine their playful edge suggesting an unnerving or tragic quality beneath the surface of these glossy women. Together her photographs evoke love, pain, loneliness, alienation and re-discovery and collectively can be seen to suggest a social commentary on America; pointing to the cracks beneath the surface of the glitz and glamour of Western American and the ‘American Dream’. Using expired Polaroid film which is then enlarged, Schneider’s images both emphasise the sun drenched light of California and embody the cinematographic quality of the films of Quentin Taratino and Oliver Stone. Although carefully staged, Schneider’s works are reminiscent of forgotten memories, dreams and chance encounters. The blemishes of the flawed Polaroid film, further add to Schneider’s intent to represent an imperfect narrative, whereby the viewer is left questioning. Schneider has commented on the relationship between her bleached out Californian dreamscapes and the disintegration of a faded Hollywood dream, “Hollywood is the quintessential dream factory, everyone goes there in search of their dreams, and many dreams are shattered there.” As a European living in Los Angeles, her work highlights aspects of melancholy and loss that lie beneath the gloss and glamour of today’s America. Stefanie Schneider was born in Germany in 1968. She received her MFA in Communication Design at the Folkwang Schule Essen, Germany. Currently she divides her time between her two studios in Berlin and Los Angles.

ROLLO Contemporary Art, London launched in 2005. The principle concern of the gallery is to present exhibitions which create a dialogue between innovative contemporary art and its theoretical contexts in the exhibition space. As well as holding solo exhibitions of gallery artists, the program at ROLLO focuses on thematic group exhibitions exploring trends in current art practice. A major focus at the gallery is the representation of women artists. From 2009 to 2011 the gallery curated a three part touring exhibition The Body in Women’s Art Now, which travelled to the New Hall Art Collection, University of Cambridge.

Gallery Information
ROLLO Contemporary, 51 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JH Contact Phone +44 (0)207 580 0020 | E-mail emily@rolloart.com | Site www.rolloart.com