>> December 4  -  JANUARY 20  |   2011

Design 20e siècle & Art Contemporain
Hielview Motel, 2003, triptyque, tirage argentique, contre collage sur métal, chaque photo 56 x 57 cm, série limitée à 10 exemplaires
Informations pratiques
{ Galerie Thierry Librati 30, rue de Lille, 75007 Paris } Horaires mardi au samedi de 14h30 à 19h00 | Contact Thierry Librati Telephone 01 40 20 40 84 | E-mail contact@librati.com | Site www.librati.com


>> NOVEMBER 25  -  JANUARY 22  |   2011


Vernissage and Artist Talk: Walter Keller and Stefane Schneider
Friday, January 21, 2011, 18.30h

Opening Hours:
Thursday and Friday
12am to 6pm
Saturday 12am to 5pm

Obersdorfer Str.2 - 8001 Zürich, phone: +41 (0) 43 268 53 65
info@kellerkunst.com, website: www.kellerkunst.com


VEGAS ( 2000 )  |  120x160cm, ed. of 3  |  hand-printed analog C-Print

"In ihren Bildern begegnet man sehr viele Figuren: Einige sehen aus wie Abbilder von Felsgruppen, Verkehrsschildern oder Warenzeichen. Es ist, als würden diese Figuren mit dem, was sie darstellen, nicht sich selbst spielen, sondern als existierten sie vielmehr als Lebendige in einem Graffito."

"One meets so many characters in her pictures, many resemble images of rock formations, road signs or trademarks. It is as if these character’s performances are not enactments of themselves but rather they exist as life inside pieces of graffiti."

Marc Forster


>> NOVEMBER 11  -  NOVEMBER 14  |   2010 

Preview Thursday, Novemver 11, 4pm to 10pm

Opening Hours:
Thursday and Friday
4pm to 10pm
Saturday 11am to 7pm
11am to 6pm

ABB Hall 550 - Richard-Huch-Strasse - 8050 Zürich - booth A6,
info@kellerkunst.com, website: www.kellerkunst.com

renees dream

Gallery Information
Spezialgebiet: Internationale zeitgenössische Photographie.
Die Galerie befindet sich im Zürcher Oberdorf in der Zürcher Altstadt. Sie konzentriert sich auf das Gebiet der internationalen Photographie. Der Leiter der Galerie, Walter Keller, ist ab 2011 gleichzeitig auch Kurator der Langhans Galerie, der wichtigsten Nonprofit-Institution für Photographie in Prag, Tschechien.


>> OCTOBER 21  -  OCTOBER 24  |   2010 

SHOW OFF Paris Solo Project "Women Only" presented by Catherine and André Hug Gallery, Paris 

public hours daily 12-8pm, ticket price: 10 Euros, free for art students

Location: Port des Champs Elysées, Paris 


For its fifth edition, SHOW OFF 2010 becomes the SOLO SHOW art fair of Paris. Show OFF will take place October 21-24, 2010 during Paris’ Contemporary Art Week and will be set in a lumious, elegant tent in the heart of Paris, a few steps away from the Grand Palais and the banks of the Champs Elysees. Painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, video, and installation; all media will be represented in a unique format highly favorable to participating artists. 

The Catherine and André Hug Gallery seeks to discover young talent and promote them internationally. The gallery works largely with artists exploring the times, and techniques of their time. The German Photographer Stefanie Schneider will offer photographic portraits of the American West exploring the fragility of the America dream. In her series Schneider tests the limits of the Polaroid and all its chromatic aberrations as part of a carefully crafted motif of halos and holes representative of a second reality.

La galerie Catherine et André Hug pour objectif de découvrir de jeunes talents et d’en faire la promotion internationale. Le choix de la galerie sur des artistes exploitant les technique de leurs temps et des thèmes évocateurs proches des préoccupations actuelles.

La photographe allemande Stefanie Schneider est l’artiste présenteée cette par la galerie. Au travers de photographies de l’ouest des Etats-Unis, Stefanie Schneider fait transparaître la fragilité du rêve américain. Dans ses séries photographiques où elle tient souvant le premier rôle, l’utilisation exclusive du matériel Polaroid périmé provoquent des aberrations chromatiques, des trous et des halos, qui se posent sur les motifs arrangés avec soin comme uns seconde réalité.


>> OCTOBER 16  -  NOVEMBER 11  |   2010 

Frank Picture Gallery, Santa Monica, USA
Vernissage October 24  /  18.00h

Opening Hours
Tue-Sat 11.30-18.30h
or by appointment 

Bergamot Station, A-5 - 2525 Michigan Avenue - Santa Monica, CA 90404 


Frank Pictures Gallery is proud to present renowned photographer Stefanie Schneider’s show “Instant Dreams” from October 16th to November 11th, with an artist’s reception on Sunday, October 24th. This is Schneider’s second exhibition with gallerist Laurie Frank, as she introduced Schneider’s first US solo show at her Still/Moving venue in 1998. Schneider's scintillating situations take place in the American West. Situated on the verge of an elusive super-reality, her photographic sequences provide the ambience for loosely woven story lines and a cast of phantasmic characters. Schneider is known for using expired Polaroid instant film material to achieve an effect of washed-out colors and random artifacts from the deprecation of the chemicals. These serendipitous chemical color explosions spread across the surfaces to undermine the photograph's commitment to reality and induce her characters into trance-like dreamscapes. Like flickering sequences of old road movies Schneider's images seem to evaporate before conclusions can be made - their ephemeral reality manifesting in subtle gestures and mysterious motives. Combined with her preferred choice of location, 29 Palms, CA, (which served as location and title to one of her books and films), and the mounting of sequential images in a panel, the photographs evoke the impression of faded film stills. Schneider's images refuse to succumb to reality, they keep alive the confusions of dream, desire, fact, and fiction. Schneider shot the album cover for the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Desecration Smile" single and all the photography for Cyndi Lauper's "Bring Ya to the Brink" album as well as Daisy McCracken's album covers.

Stefanie Schneider received her MFA in Communication Design at the Folkwang Schule Essen, Germany. Her work has been shown at the Museum for Photography, Braunschweig, Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin, the Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt, the Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden, Kunstverein Bielefeld, Museum für Moderne Kunst Passau, Les Rencontres d'Arles. Previously she has shown in the U.S. with Susanne Vielmetter at LA Projects, Art Haus LA. She lives and works between the California desert and Berlin.



>> SEPTEMBER 24  -  OCTOBER 23  |   2010 

curated by Adi Hoesle
Künstlerhaus "Kaufhaus Klein", Burgau, Germany

Vernissage September 24  /  20.00h

Opening Hours
Mo-Fr 19-22.00h, Sa 17-22.00h
or by appointment

Hans Riethmüller - Käppelstrasse 6 - 89331 Burgau - 08222/1209 
view website: www.kaufhaus-klein.de


>>  more  info


>> SEPTEMBER 18  -  OCTOBER 30  |   2010 

30works Gallery, Cologne, Germany

Vernissage September 18  /  20.00h

Opening Hours
Mo-Fr 15-20.00h, Sa 11-20.00h
or by appointment 

Antwerpener Str. 42 - 50672 Köln - 0221/5700250 
view website: www.30works.de



 >> JUNE 27  -  SEPTEMBER 19  |   2010 

Mapping Worlds: Welten verstehen – 
Aufbruch in die Gegenwart
8. Internationale Foto-Triennale Esslingen 2010 

Venues: Villa Merkel, Bahnwärterhaus, Galerie im Heppächer

radha pink

With works from:

Anas Al-Shaikh (*1968), Bahrain; Pedro Barateiro (*1979), Portugal; Michael van den Bogaard (*1974), Germany; Nuno Cera (*1972), Portugal; Galic/Gredig (Goran Galic, *1977/Gian-Reto Gredig, *1976), Switzerland; Bertien van Manen (*1942), Netherlands; Susan MacWilliam (*1969), Nord-Irland; Daido Moriyama (*1938), Japan; Claudio Moser (*1959), Switzerland; Harald F Müller (*1950), Germany; Stefanie Schneider (*1968), Deutschland; Shirana Shahbazi (*1974), Iran; Roselyne Titaud (*1977), France; Olaf Unverzart (*1972), Germany; Lidwien van de Ven (*1963), Netherlands; Stephen Wilks (*1964), Great Britain; as well as a selection of approx. 200 historic photographs from the collection Herzog in the swiss national museum.

“Mapping Worlds: Understanding Worlds – Setting Off for the Present” – the 8th International Photo-Triennial Esslingen 2010 interrogates (some video works included) world pictures or pictures of this world – from today’s point of view, and from a historical one. The exhibition will be presented in the Villa Merkel, the Bahnwärterhaus and the Galerie im Heppächer. “Aufbruch in die Gegenwart”, a picture story made with historical photographs, shows a country’s path from an agricultural to an industrial society in the period from 1840 to 1960 – surprising, funny, seldom merely nostalgic. The insert was produced in co-operation with the Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum in Zurich, and shows works from the Sammlung Herzog.

Further information: www.foto-triennale.de  /

Acknowledgements for the genereous support from Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg; Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia; Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande; Stiftungen Landesbank Baden-Württemberg; ZukunftsStiftung Heinz Weiler; HUGO BOSS AG; Kiesel Bauchemie, Stadtmarketing und Tourismus GmbH Esslingen am Neckar, the Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum and the Sammlung Herzog



>> JANUARY 14 &  21   |   2010


Renée's Dream, Sidewinder, Till Death Do Us Part

Girls just wanna have fun
Stefanie Schneider Meets Cyndi Lauper

Rosa-Luxemburg Platz 30 | 10178 BERLIN
U-Bahn: Rosa-Luxemburg Platz
S-Bahn: Alexanderplatz

renee Poster

s Dream (4.29 min.)
music by Coco Rosie, with Renée Chabria, Scott Springer, Derrik First

....In René’s Dream, issues of role reversal take place as the cowgirl on her horse undermines the male stereotype of Richard Prince’s ‘Marlboro Country’. This photo-work along with several others by Schneider, continue to undermine the focus of the male gaze, for her women are increasingly autonomous and subversive. They challenge the male role of sexual predator, often taking the lead and undermining masculine role play, trading on male fears that their desires can be so easily attained. That she does this by working through archetypal male conventions of American culture, is not the least of the accomplishments in her work. What we are confronted with frequently is of an idyll turned sour, the filmic clichés that Hollywood and American television dramas have promoted for fifty years. The citing of this in the Romantic West, where so many of the male clichés were generated, only adds to the diminishing sense of substance once attributed to these iconic American fabrications. And, that she is able to do this through photographic images rather than film, undercuts the dominance espoused by time-based film. Film feigns to be seamless though we know it is not. Film operates with a storyboard and setting in which scenes are elaborately arranged and pre-planned. Schneider has thus been able to generate a genre of fragmentary events, the assemblage of a story without a storyboard. But these post-narratological stories require another component, and that component is the viewer who must bring his own interpretation as to what is taking place. If this can be considered the upside of her work, the downside is that she never positions herself by giving a personal opinion as to the events that are taking place in her photographs. But, perhaps, this is nothing more than her use of the operation of chance dictates....

Marc Gisbourne, “Stranger Than Paradise”

sidewinder poster

Sidewinder (13.20 min.)
music by jd rudometkin
jd rudumetkin as
jean babtiste, stefanie schneider as stevie  

private history turned into an intimate mythology of elemental fantasies where reality is perceived through a veil of psychedelic memories and unconscious projections. such is a collection of passions and dreams, an uncanny diary of ephemeral narratives and mental intensities in Stefanie Schneider’s painterly photographs where subjectivity of an ontological doubt uses a poetics of pastische as a vehicle for an intertextual journey towards the truth and the authenticity of primary emotions. here time is immersed in a nostalgic suspense of oneiric dimension, a sort of ambiguous coma of silence and comfort, and open space embraces a psychotic landscape of solitude and accidental pleasure. fetishisized surface of extreme feelings gives a stage for an unsolicited promise of unconditional love and unlimited freedom, a promise framed by sensual tension between fulfillment and expectation.
       Adam Budak, Kunsthaus Graz, Oct 2005

till death poster

Till Death Do Us Part
(31.00 min.)
music Daisy McCrackin, Sophie Huber, Zoê Bîcat
with Austen Tate (Margarita), Daisy McCrackin (Cristal)
written by Austen Tate, Daisy McCrackin, Stefanie Schneider
sound editing: Sophie Huber

produced by MICA Film, Berlin, Caroline Haertel und Mirjana Momirovic
supported by "Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg" and "ARTE".

"Till death do us part", an episode of the "29 Palms, CA" project. A film shot on Polaroid stills combined with Super 8 film sequences.

Till Death Do Us Part is the story of two young lovers, lonely souls escaping the abuse of reality into each other. Imagine a stranger suddenly in your path, you can just be silent with, and you feel you have known her forever. This is the experience of Cristal (Daisy McCrackin) and Margarita (Austen Tate), that begins when Cristal picks her up hitchhiking on a lonely dessert road. A runaway from a cruel older brother and a broken family, Margarita is searching on the edge of the shadows for a home. Cristal was also a lonely child and already dangerously close to vanishing when she finds Margarita. For her it is the begging of life. When she finds Margarita, she finds herself, she feels for the first time and discovers that she is not invisible after all. The childlike, roadside life they make together is a dream that they truly believe will last forever, and with the naive joy of beginners, they dive in, never sensing danger. When two lost souls become one and share everything, do they loose themselves further or do they become whole at last? When a girl has no home, no anchor, can she combine thrive with another? Once a human heart wakes up from isolation for the first time, enchanted by a reflection in love's mirror, can the dreamer fall asleep again, or must she wander searching to find it again forever?

An artistic triumph for Schneider, this piece floats deeper into her exploration of the colors of the human psyche, separation, relationship, androgyny and the fringes of social reality.

The Californian desert light and the vintage colours of Polaroid create a unfor-getable atmosphere in the abandoned trailer park.

Austen Tate gives Margarita her voice in poetry and Daisy McCrackin gives Cristal her sound in music.

daisy_in_car austen und daisy tree

for more information view Till Death Do Us Part site >>

Girls just wanna have fun
Stefanie Schneider Meets Cyndi Lauper


Stefanie Schneiders Fotografien sind auf faszinierende Weise mysteriös. Ihre Motive erinnern an Szenen von David Lynch. Surreal entrückt und verstörend real im selben Moment.

Die Fotografin arbeitet mit der Polaroid Kamera und verwendet dafür ausschließlich abgelaufenes Material. Ihre Blow Ups sind das Ergebnis unvorhersehbarer chemischer Prozesse, die die aufregende Dramatik und Ästhetik ihrer Bilder erzeugen. Farbverschiebungen, Flecken, Unschärfen und unerwartete Überstrahlungen legen sich wie eine zweite Realität über ihre „Polaroid Movies“. Cyndi Lauper ist neben Madonna, Cher, Lauryn Hill eine der wenigen Solosängerinnen, die es trotz ihrer Eigenheiten geschafft hat, jahrelang an der Spitze zu bleiben. Noch immer werden ihre alten Superhits „Time after Time“, „She bop“, „Girls just wanna have fun“ weltweit gespielt. Nach ihrer sehr erfolgreichen Tour 2007 zog sich Cyndi Lauper ins Studio zurück und arbeite zum ersten Mal mit europäischen House und Elektro Künstlern wie Digital Dog, Basement Jaxx, The Scumfrog, Dragonette und Telepopmusik zusammen, um etwas Neues zu versuchen. Im Frühsommer wird ihr neues Album erscheinen. Nachdem sie das von Stefanie Schneider fotografierte Plattencover einer Red Hot Chilli Peppers Single gesehen hatte, bat sie die Künstlerin, alles für ihre neue Platte und die Werbekampagne zu fotografieren. Zwei Popstars aus unterschiedlichen Branchen, Fotografie und Musik, zwei Frauen unterschiedlicher Generationen treffen aufeinander: Stefanie Schneider und Cyndi Lauper im Shooting. Metropolis ist exklusiv dabei.

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