>> April   |   2013

Multimedia Presentation with Artist Stefanie Schneider follows CAC Annual Meeting
Palms Springs Art Museum, Annenberg Theater, 101 Museum Drive ( April 11th, 10.30 am )

desert wirenews

Untitled, Edition of 5, 
 125x250cm, 2013

The Contemporary Art Council invites you and your guests to a season finale — a surreal presentation by multimedia artist 
Stefanie Schneider.

Schneider works in photography and video on the High Desert landscape. Situated on the verge of an elusive super-reality, her 
photographic sequences provide the ambience for loosely woven storylines and a cast of phantasmic characters. She works with the largely uncontrollable chemical mutations of expired Polaroid film stock. Chemical explosions of color spreading across the surfaces undermine Schneider’s commitment to reality and induce her characters into trance-like dreamscapes. Like flicker-ing sequences of old road movies Schneider's images seem to evaporate before conclusions can be made — their ephemeral reality manifesting in subtle gestures and mysterious motives. Schneider's images refuse to succumb to reality; they keep alive the confusions of dream, desire, fact, and fiction. 

This event is generously sponsored by Judy & Rogue Hemley, Donna MacMillan, and Ardith & Howard Marguleas.