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"Till death do us part", an episode of the "Twentynine Palms, CA" project supported by "Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg" and "ARTE", directed by Stefanie Schneider.

"MICA films", a Berlin based production company run by Caroline Haertel and Mirjana Momirovic is currently producing the episode.

A film shot on Polaroid stills combined with Super 8 film sequences has never been done before. This unique project will be co-produced by ARTE and has received film funding from "Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg".

"Till death do us part" tells the love story of two beautiful women in the Californian desert. Cristal (Daisy McCracking) and Margarita (Austin Tate) meet in the abandoned town of 29 Palms,CA. They are both longing for something better after leaving a life neither could bare. They are full of hope and an intense lust for life. They want to live in the now, fast and wild. Their love starts on fast forward from the moment they meet.  

The Californian desert light and the vintage colours of Polaroid create a unforgetable atmosphere in the abandoned trailer park.

Austen Tate gives Margarita her voice in poetry and Daisy McCracking give Cristal her sound in music. Additional music by Zoe Bicat and Sophie Huber, all to be released on the new "29 Palms, CA/music" record label.