The Girl behind the White Picket Fence by Stefanie Schneider

 The Girl behind the White Picket Fence’, a title that brings images of classic American movies to mind with a cliché thought of the girl next door. 

A classic all American story about love, put together by Stefanie Schneider.

Capturing the essence of traditional photography using Polaroid instant films, German born photographer Schneider’s focus has turned to analogue film.  A collection of still images set in nostalgic scenes using backgrounds which include an old home trailer stationed in a dessert area, form part of this colourful exhibition.

The film is collection of 4000 Polaroid photos scanned and sequenced for imagination, and is the brain child of Schneider who drew from her Hollywood experience and industry influence.  This is Schneider’s first feature film and yet true her nature, is still influenced by her intrigue and known psychoanalysis of the American subculture.

Upon watching the trailer, one is intrigued by the exploration of love and all its accompanying feelings.  Although still, the film’s dialogue draws in the viewer as these feelings of loneliness, aggression and self-worth are expressed.  The Polaroid brings these feelings to life in in our minds as the colour expressed naturally brings subconscious memories to the fore.

Lucy Pennington

To learn more about this film, view the trailer and visit to find out more about Schneider, the person and her works.